History of Chrispycuts

In Early 2010, Master Barber Christopher Paratore had a vision of opening a barbershop in his home town of Guilderland NY. He wanted a barber shop with a small town atmosphere where paths cross constantly from home, work or play and where everybody knows your name.

Chris was looking for a return to the golden era of the barber shop. During the golden era, the barber shop was a weekly habit, not only for a haircut and a perfect shave, but also to fraternize with friends.

In April of 2010 Chris created Chrispycuts a place where you don't get lost in a big mall or a high priced hair salon. A barbershop that keeps it easy and traditional. Chrispycuts staff making our services special, so you get what you want. The barber shop experience is one of camaraderie, nostalgia and companionship...

In June of 2012 Chris's sister Jacqueline following her brothers footsteps joined the staff and soon after created Chrispycuts Plus, Just for the ladies.

Jacqueline Paratore
Don Feely
Frankie Febus
Ashley Simpson

A private room offering services for the latest in hair cut, color, & salon services.

Take the stress out of getting ready on your big day. We travel to wherever you are getting ready and help you look the way you want to look. Beautify, simplify and de-stress Hair and Make-up packages available ...call now